Mission Lotería is back for the 2023 season! Support local businesses in the Mission along Mission Street and 16th Street. Businesses on 16th Street will be joining the campaign beginning on Friday, June 16, 2023.

We are pleased to announce Mission Lotería is introducing an expansion onto 16th Street that features game pieces created by artists from the American Indian Cultural District (AICD). This special addition of 16th Street and AICD to the shop-local game highlights the unique cultural identity of the 16th Street area in the Mission District.

The icons created by American Indian artists pay homage to American Indian history along 16th Street.


Shop local vendors at El Tiangue indoor shopping plaza December 17, 12pm-4pm
Join us for two special pop-up events at La Placita, hosted by Amor 100.3 FM Radio and Mission Lotería! WIn over $500 in cash and prizes, and play Mission Lotería!

Shop. Play. Win!

Check back soon for our relaunch of the shopping campaign in 2024!

Mission Lotería is a “shop small, support local” initiative that combines local art, small businesses and our love for Lotería with imagery inspired by the Mission District of San Francisco.

To play, simply shop at participating businesses and collect a Mission Lotería sticker with your purchase.

Join us for one of our monthly events in spring 2024 to redeem your tabla for raffle tickets and win cash prizes, gift cards and merchandise! Events are all family friendly and are typically on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

Using imagery inspired by the Mission, local artists are recreating game pieces for this shopping campaign with original icons like “El Muni,” “El Super Burrito” and “Las Muralistas.” These icon stickers reflect the Mission District and pay homage to the various cultures that represent the neighborhood.

The #MissionLotería campaign aims to engage residents and visitors, and urges them to invest in and celebrate the rich culture in the Mission.

Mission Lotería is a campaign in partnership with the SF Office of Economic and Workforce Development (SF OEWD), the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), Calle 24 Latino Cultural District, the American Indian Cultural District and Trending Socials Marketing Agency.

Where can I get the sticker game pieces?

Get your stickers, with purchase, at any participating businesses along Mission Street.

What is Mission Lotería?

Mission Lotería is a “shop local” initiative to help bring shoppers to Mission Street!

“Lotería” is a bingo-style game that is very popular across Latin America. We’ve added our own Mission District twist! San Francisco based artists have designed original pieces for the campaign- these unique pieces are the icons that make up our game boards. There are 10 different game board versions!

Mission Lotería is in partnership with the San Francisco Office of Economic Workforce Development (SFOEWD), Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), Calle 24 Latino Cultural District and Trending Socials, Social Media Marketing Agency.

How do I Play?

To play, get your tabla (gameboard) from any of the businesses and organizations listed below. Shop at participating small businesses along Mission Street. You will receive a sticker icon for your gameboard with each qualifying purchase. The object of the game is to collect as many sticker icons as you can on your game board. Each qualifying play gets you a raffle ticket. A fully completed board gets you the most tickets!

Where Can I Get a Tabla?

Grab your game board or ‘tabla’ at participating locations (updated directory coming in 2024).

Mission Lotería Winners

Creativity Explored Partnership

This year, we are so excited to partner with the Mission District based organization, Creativity Explored. This year, Creativity Explored is celebrating 40 years of supporting artists with disabilities in San Francisco. To help commemorate this milestone, Mission Lotería and Creativity Explored have partnered to bring 5 icons to life that represent the Mission District.
40 Years, Creativity Explored
This incredible partnership highlights the artwork of Musette Perkins, Quintin Rodriguez, Yolanda Ramirez, Irene Rivas, and Betty Benard (1935 ­-2013). We’re honored to partner with such an established community based organization and are thrilled to share the artwork with you!

American Indian History Along 16th Street

American Indian history along 16th street, Mission

Mission Lotería icons created by American Indian artists pay homage to American Indian history along 16th Street!

1 LA MATRIARCA (The Matriarch) features the profile of an American Indian woman, with the San Francisco Bay in the background. She symbolizes matriarchy and is #1 for the significance that she is the first, and gives birth to all.

4 LA RUEDA DE MEDICINA (The Medicine Wheel) Represents the four directions, all peoples of the world and the following elements: air, water, fire, and earth.

29 CULTURAS NATIVAS DE CALIFORNIA (Native Cultures of California) showcases culturally significant and crucially important traditional items of the diverse Native Peoples of California.

32 LA SALVIA (Sage) Highlights a California white sage bundle, a sacred traditional medicine of American Indians of California and across Turtle Island. It is endangered due to overharvesting and mass commodification.

AICD logo

We acknowledge that San Francisco (Yelamu) and the Mission District are located on the unceded ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone, the original inhabitants of the San Francisco peninsula and an integral and active community in the City.