Owner: Monti Majthoub
Business: Tahini
Address: 2859 Mission St.
Category: Restaurant
Food: Middle Eastern

What gave you the idea of starting your own business?
I have always owned my own business, but this is the first time I get to actually interact with the community. In my previous job, I was sitting behind a computer – not something I wanted out of my work. So, I decided I wanted to open my own business.

How has your personal narrative as an immigrant moving here to America tie into this community?
Here in San Francisco, I really fit in. I first lived in Kentucky when I moved to America and I was always seen as an outsider. In San Francisco, especially the Mission, I feel like I belong because it’s so diverse. My neighbors here in the community are from different parts of the world, and I feel like my business adds to the uniqueness of the Mission.

How does feel now that you have an established business within the Mission?

It’s awesome! Getting the opportunity to interact with the local community and give them dishes that were popular in my country is an experience in itself. I hope this part of the city stays the same.