Bonita Trading Co., Mission Street

Owner: Kai F. Yenug
Business: Bonita Trading Co.
Address: 2512 Mission St.
Category: Retail
Type: Footwear

What gave you the Idea to start your own business?
This was so many years ago, so it’s kind of hard to answer. Well, I was working at a job that wasn’t very stable so I decided to start my own business.

What has your experience been opening a business within the Mission District?
When my wife and I opened our business, things went well for many years. There was a lot of foot traffic. However, the trend now is that people are shopping online and many retail businesses are leaving. The Mission itself is changing and these changes have created challenges for small businesses like ours.

Why should people #shopsmall in the Mission?
Many big retail stores can close down but still get purchases because people buy their things online. These changes are what are really killing retail businesses in the Mission. What purchasing shoes online can’t offer is the one-on-one experience. Many of our customers have been regulars for many years and they come back because having that customer service and finding the right pair of shoes for themselves and their children is a small but important task. Being there to experience something small but essential for the customer is an aspect of our business that has helped us thrive.