Owner: Angela Miranda
Business: Casa de la Condesa Restaurant
Address: 2763 Mission St.
Type: Restaurants
Product: Mexican Food (Mexico City style)

What gave you the idea to start your business?
I previously owned a food business in the Mission, for 15 years, so I collected many experiences in the industry. I transferred my restaurant to a different owner when my mom got sick, making the decision to be closer to her. After my mom passed away, I felt highly motivated to open another restaurant in the Mission.

What has your experience been opening a business in the Mission?
I am passionate about the Mission and feel proud to be part of the entrepreneurship movement here. I love hosting customers from diverse backgrounds. It is a joy to hear that customers find our Mexican dishes tasty.

How does your business/business idea relate to your life?
Casa de la Condesa is like home to me. Although running a food business takes much time and effort, it is always gratifying to help customers through food services while I am also creating jobs in the community. I can financially support my extended family via this business.

Why should potential customers invest in small businesses?
Casa de la Condesa offers tasty dishes based on Mexico City-style food. I use original recipes and prepare fresh dishes, as I understand the food preferences that attract customers who are seeking authentic food in the Mission.

Where do you see your business in five years?
I am enthusiastic about the future of my business. I see Casa de la Condesa improving business services, with sales multiplied by three. That would mean I could open another location the Mission.

What do you love about the Mission?
I have been living in the Mission neighborhood since 1985. My children grew up here. The Mission offers diverse products and services to meet all tastes and preferences. I enjoy that every day I can see and meet many people, neighbors and visitors.